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clients in different industrial sectors
such as food, automotive, logistics,
meat processing, recycling,
agriculture, textile printing.


Our Brands

INO Belt

INO Belt is our brand for our light weight conveyor belt fabric based products. With an in-house weaving facility, we are able to produce a variety of fabrics with diverse properties. Additionally, different materials such as PVC, PU, Polyolefin, Hytrel (r) and silicon are used at manufacturing for various industries. Our polyurethane, polyolefin and polyester belts can be manufactured up to 4.500 mm width. Silicon products are available at 3.000 mm width for food and tyre application. PVC standard widths are at 3.000 mm with possibility of going up to 3.500 mm. Discover more about our products...


REOclean is a brand of our homogeneous / monolithic belts. It is specifically developed for food conveying and processes. We manufacture up to a width of 1,420 mm and have multiple positive and flat type ranges that serve the majority of the applications. With the Aramid-reinforcement, we eliminate any possible elongation problems. Check out our website here for more information.


Atlatos is a brand of our TPU timing belts. Timing belts are used for driving machinery as well as for conveying goods and products. Our product range includes open-ended, truly endless (flex types) and casted (moulded) types. Please refer to our website here for more information.


Alufelt is our heat resistant felt type brand. The products are primarily serving the aluminum and glass extrusion markets. Differenet materials such as PBO, Aramid, Nomex and Polyester are used to accommodate different temperatures at various steps in the cooling process. Learn more here.


AA wrapper belts are used primarily in the steel and aluminum industries for the purpose of wrapping strips. Steel and aluminum strips are hot coiled, cold coiled and later processed to be used at various industries, such as automotive, electrical applicances, construction material, steel pipes and steel office equipments. They vary by thickness, hardness, surface treatment and chemical compositions. It is crucial to select the right wrapper belt for the right application and process. Learn more by downloading our brochure in Support.


Textile Printing Blankets
Printing blankets for textile printing are one of the most difficult conveyor belts to be manufactured. The belts have the highest possible accuracy with an extremely low thickness tolerance and an excellent linearity and uniformity of the surface. Both cover and interply are made of a highly abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant PU. The common applications include carpet printing, swimsuit printing, shirt and scarf printing.

Live Roller Driving Belts The Live roller driving belts are most commonly seen in the warehouse sorting centers where the belt is used to drive thousands of rollers to move packages and cartons. The belt has very high tensile strength and is manufactured with Aramid.



Today, key accounts like Kraft Heinz and Mars use INO belts to convey cookies, biscuits, crackers and chocolates. We ensure that all our food belts comply with , , and regulations as stated in our Declaration of Compliance. Our newly launched polyether and high temperature resistant polyurethane series allow belts to work in more difficult environments where properties like anti-bacterial, anti-hydrolysis and high temperature resistance are crucial in the success of belt functionality. EU 752/2017 EU 1935/2004 EU 10/2011 FDA Discover more...

Tyre manufacturing

From the beginning phase of conveying raw materials, handling of the strips, tyre forming and to the final step of tyre inspection later, we are able to provide the appropriate products to our clients.We recognize many short-comings of the current rubber belt solution especially in the mixing-room application. A common risk in this process: contamination with rubber that is stuck to fasteners. A special series is developed to eliminate this potential hazard while improving the performance of the belt in the process. Discover more...

General Conveying

General Conveying There is a wide range of products that we provide for general conveying. Please go to our PRODUCTS and select general conveying as your industry of interest. Discover more...

Heavy Conveying

Heavy Conveying In certain industries such as recycling of steel sheets, trash, or waste components, the load on the belt is very high. Therefore, a line for heavy conveying is developed with high tensile strength (N/mm). Discover more...


High abrasion resistant PU belts are the most common used products in the automotive industry for stamping car doors, car window frames and others. Schuler presses are equipped with INO Belt conveyor belts in the Volkswagen factories for such difficult demands. We are also able to provide the timing belts used in a vacuum environment to stack the aluminum plates. Discover more...

Airport & Warehouse Handling

Conveyor belts used in this sector require certain characteristics such as low noise, flame retardant properties (ISO-340), high strength, as well as high abrasion resistance. We work with different airports and warehouse centers and provide a variety of products. Starting with standard belts, ranging over solid woven and live roller belts, all the way to timing belts. Discover more...


Agriculture is one of the most common industries that uses PVC and PU belts, for example, to carry potatoes, tomatoes, and tea leaves. Learn more about our range under PRODUCTS. Discover more...


Tobacco processing requires a wide range of conveyor and processing belts for various manufacturing stages. We offer polyolefin and polyester (Hytrel®) belts that are halogen, surfur and nitrogen free. They are also food grade (FDA) to meet the rising safety standard. Discover more...