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Textile Printing

In the textile printing industry, there are many different types of printing techniques, from rotary, flat-bed, digital to ceramic printing. Each technique is suitable for a great variety of products, which gives an idea of the complexity and high demands for the printing blankets used.

We work very closely with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as end-users and understands the varieties of printing techniques, numbers of colors, printing width, and many technical requirements.


  • Kevlar based Screen Printing Blanket (BD-65KT)​

    • For the flat bed printing process, the belt requirement is extremely high. The kevlar based blanket has a very high tensile strength at 1% elongation and lateral rigidity to ensure a perfect printing quality.

  • Polyester based Screen Printing Blanket (BD-20TT)

    • Perfect for rotary machines with magnet system and squeezable blades.

Below you will find some widely used products in Textile Printing.


BU/3 EM 20-00+06 S0 AS BK 2.6mm


BU/3 EMK 65-00+05 S0 AS BK 2.6mm

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